Instructions for individuals initiating the hiring process:

Thank you for your interest in hiring a FWS Student Employee, please request that your student employee provides you with an Approval Notice for the appropriate term that you wish to employ them. For example, you need a 2022-23 Approval Notice to hire employees to work on or after July 1, 2022 and until June 30, 2023. After submitting this form, email your H.R. Tech to provide your employees' contact information. Establish a system to monitor your employees' earnings to make sure they do not exceed their ward. Click submit to have your Dean/Director review your request.


Please review the request for a student employee for your department and provide your information if you are authorizing the hiring of this employee.

 2022-23 Student Employment

               Payroll Authorization

Hiring Instructions for Supervisors/managers

By submitting this form  and as the hiring supervisor/manager, you agree to the terms and conditions of The Student Employment Program as outlined on the Supervisors' Guide.

Verify student’s eligibility by requesting an Approval Form (Approval forms are emailed to eligible students). Hiring ineligible students may result in overages which your department must return to the Student Employment Program.

Please email the student's name, email, and phone number to the HR Technician. The HR Technician will contact the student for a live scan and hiring documentation.

Wait to receive approval from HR before allowing employees to work.

Contact the employee after receiving approval from HR and allow your employee to work.

Employers/Departments are responsible to refund the Student Employment Program for any overages accrued by their employees.

Terms and Conditions of Employment 

On/Off campus employers (supervisors) agree to supervise their employees and enforce the following applicable requirements. 

Students must enroll and continue enrollment in at least six units during the fall and spring terms. 

Students are limited to work 20 hours per week while classes are in session and no more than 8 hours a day. 

Students are required to stop working once they have earned their full award.  

Students and supervisors are required to complete and submit time sheets by the 19th of every month. 

Supervisors are required to monitor total awards and earnings to avoid overages.



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For businesses hiring student employees outside of El Camino College

PAYROLL AUTHORIZATION - FWS Account Code: 12-52320-00646000-7621

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If you do not know who your HR Technician is, Please contact Human Resources at ext. 3807


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