Grant Approval Form for Externally-Funded Projects | El Camino Community College District

Please complete this form if seeking external/grant funding for projects, or if you wish to partner with an outside organization on a grant-funded project.
After completion, the form will be routed to the department/division Dean and area Vice President for their approval.
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Supporting El Camino's Mission and Vision

Does the proposed project support the mission and vision of El Camino College?*
Mission: El Camino College makes a positive difference in people’s lives. We provide excellent comprehensive educational programs and services that promote student learning and success in collaboration with our diverse communities. Vision: El Camino College will be the college of choice for successful student learning that transforms lives, strengthens community, and inspires individuals to excel.
Which strategic initiative(s) (and their respective objectives) does this project support?*
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Project Description

Please include as much as detail as possible, such as the project's main goal, specific objectives, methodology, expected results, etc.

Does this project require specific space or facilities consideration?*
Does this project require/request hiring additional staff and/or faculty? (will you be requesting full- or part-time staff or faculty in the project budget?)*
Will data collection be required for the grant application? (i.e. will you require assistance from IR&P to gather data for the application?)*
If funded, will the project require considerable data reporting (e.g. cohort tracking, annual progress reports, and/or surveys)?*

External/Grant-Funding Source Information

e.g. information from US Department of Education, National Science Foundation, California Community Colleges Chancellor's Office, etc.

Deadline for submission of application*
For Federal grants, please contact the Grants Office for the current federally negotiated indirect cost rate.
Does this grant obligate the college to continue activities or personnel costs after grant funding has ended?*
Are there any financial match requirements?*

Project Management

To be completed for all externally-funded projects, whether or not El Camino is the applicant/fiscal agent.

ECC Proposed Project Manager/Lead*
Will this be a collaborative project involving other partners?*
Will writing assistance be needed/required from the El Camino Grants Office to compile the narrative?*

Dean/Director Review

Name of Dean/Director (for approval)
Dean/Direction Decision

Vice President / President Review

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