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ICC Budget Request Instructions and Procedures

The Inter-Club Council continues to provide support for El Camino College student clubs to increase student engagement through events, activities, and recruiting efforts. Support efforts include considerations for funding student club activities and events. Please see the instructions below on how to submit a budget request for your student clubs!

Funding considerations will be based on the criteria set by Inter-Club Council. Per the ICC Constitution, active clubs can submit requests for designated amounts, while inactive clubs can request for up to $500 per semester. Please direct any inquiries regarding your club’s active status to the ICC Director and Commissioner of Club Support. There may be a limited amount allocated to any one club in order to distribute these funds equitably.

Please direct any questions regarding the ICC Budget Request Form to the ICC Director and Commissioner of Finance at icc@elcamino.edu.

What to Include on This Form

  1. Complete this ICC Budget Request Form
  2. Signed club meeting minutes (PDF preferred) documenting that your club voted to approve the event and expenditure(s)
  3. Itemized budget of expenses and additional funding sources

When to Submit This Form (Deadlines)

  • If advanced payment is required for any (purchases) event or expensive items (i.e. conference registration, large and expensive equipment, etc.), it is recommended to submit this form at least 4 weeks prior to the event.
  • The Inter-Club Council cannot guarantee that purchased items will be received by the expected delivery date. The earlier a request is submitted, the more likely items will be received on time.

What to Expect After Submission (Timeline)

Step 1. The ICC Director and Commissioner of Finance will review your request and email you an invitation to present at the next available ICC Cabinet Meeting.

Step 2. The ICC Cabinet will review and consider approval at the ICC Cabinet Meeting.

Step 3. The ICC General members will review and consider approval at the ICC General Meeting.

Step 4. Your student club will work with the ICC Director and Commissioner of Finance, as well as the Student Development Office Accounting Assistant, Jaime Ulloa (jjulloa@elcamino.edu), to process the purchase of items or reimbursement for items purchased.*

Step 5. The Inter-Club Council Post-Program Report must be submitted no more than 14 days after the event date. Failure to submit the report by the required due date will affect future funding from Inter-Club Council.

*All ICC Finance Items must be approved by 2/3 of the general body. Approved funds will be paid for directly from the designated ICC account(s). Therefore it is the club's responsibility to work with the ICC Director and Commissioner of Finance immediately to prepare the necessary financial paperwork to arrange for reimbursement.

**It takes a minimum of 2 weeks to process the paperwork after it is submitted to the Student Development Office (SDO). Purchases must be made on or before the event date/date of a planned purchase. Any funds approved but not processed through the ECC Accounting Office by June 30th of the current fiscal year will no longer be available.

How to Prepare for Your Presentations

A representative from the club must attend both the ICC Cabinet (Wednesdays at 12:00PM) and General (Mondays at 12:00PM) meeting to present their budget request. Please be prepared to present the following information:

  • Visual aids such as presentation slides, one-two page proposal, etc.
  • A brief description of the event or activity
  • The purpose of the event or activity
  • Overall budget of the event or activity
  • Answers to questions posed by ICC Cabinet or General members

The ICC Cabinet will determine if the request moves forward for final approval to the next ICC General Meeting. The cabinet may also provide any recommendations to help you prepare to present to the ICC General membership.


ICC Club Support (Acct #71-54550-00-836515-7670)

This account supports student clubs looking to purchase event supplies, activities supplies, event registration fees, conference registration fees, etc.

ICC Club Dues (Acct# 71-55300-00-836550-7670)

This account supports student clubs that are required to pay chapter dues or registration for a statewide or national organization.

It is highly recommended that student clubs must meet the following criteria for funding:

  1. Respective club representatives must have been present for a minimum of 70% of the ICC meetings during the current or previous semester and must commit to attend one meeting during the current semester to report on the activities for which the funding was requested.
  2. Club must have completed at least two of the following options either during the current semester or previous semester:
    1. Participated in an ICC event (excluding Club Rush)
    2. Contributed to the planning of an ICC event (excluding Club Rush)
    3. Helped to promote an ICC event (excluding Club Rush)
  3. Attendance and participation at ICC general meetings and events, as well as the club’s own fundraising efforts will be greatly considered when determining each budget request allocation. In the event that two or more clubs are applying for funds when there are limited funds in the ICC club support account, a club’s level of participation and involvement in ICC will determine funding allocation.
  4. Clubs must follow the "Inter-Club Council Budget Request Procedures".

Student Club and Requester Information

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Please match the amount you requested to your planned budget outline.
Please select one account to request funding. Contact icc@elcamino.edu if you are unsure.

Event or Activity Information

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Open-Ended Questions

Budget Outline and Supporting Documents

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Club Dues Documentation

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Submission Confirmation

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ICC Director and Commissioner of Finance Review

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