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2022-23 Student Employee Request

Please read the following important information before submitting this form

Employers fill out this form to request a student employee and students interested in working for your department will contact you for an interview. For information about the program and how to hire a student employee, follow the procedures outlined on the Supervisor Guide. 

Important Notice: employees must not displace employees (including those on strike) or impair existing service contracts. Also, if the school has an employment agreement with an organization in the private sector, the organization’s employees must not be replaced with student employees. If you have any questions, contact us via email at lmancia@elcamino.edu 


Use the following wage schedule to determine the pay rate

Position Title              Job Duty Description

Student Worker V     Provides support in an advanced capacity. Requires specialized knowledge, training, and skills for specific functions and complex tasks. Uses 

                                     independent judgment and works with minimal supervision.

Student Worker VI    Provides support and assistance in a highly advanced capacity. Requires highly specialized knowledge, skills, or training for specific, high-level 

                                     functions, complex tasks, and special assignments on a regular basis. Uses independent judgment and works with minimal to infrequent direct supervision.

Job Description

Enter a pay rate from the steps above
(ex. Math Tutor, Ambassador, FA Student Employee)
Indicate desired start date you wish your student to begin working.*
Would you be interested in hiring a CalWORKs Work- Study student?
: If eligible, CalWORKs Work-Study will pay for 75% of the employee's salary, Federal Work Study will cover 25%. You will be contacted by the CalWORKs representative for additional information.
Indicate the duties the student employee will be required to perform and separate each statement by a hyphen (-)
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Contact Information

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Director's Decision

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Dean/Associate Dean Decision

Only a Dean/Associate Dean may approve a request for student employees email will not be visible for applicants*
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Financial Aid Decision

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