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  1. To schedule club events, review and complete this form and attach signed club minutes showing discussion and approval of the event/activity during an approved club meeting. (To reserve club meetings visit the Forms page.)  
  2. The completed form must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the event.
  3. Faculty advisers must be present through the whole event. This includes setup and cleanup.
  4. After review, the Student Development Office will return this form to the organization with an approval notice.

Please contact the Student Development Office at with any questions you may have regarding the Student Event Proposal Form.

Student Club and Organization Information

Student Name*
ECC email addresses are strongly recommended
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Faculty Advisor Name*
Instructions for approving this Event Proposal will be sent to this email. Incorrect emails will most like delay the approval process.

Event Information

Please provide details of your event to help the Student Development Office gain a better understanding of your event.
Event Start Date and Time*
Event End Date and Time*
Please provide a link to your virtual event. If a link is not available, please list the platform you are utilizing (i.e., FaceTime, Google Hangout, etc.)
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Please attach meeting minutes showing your club or organization has approved hosting this event.
Assigned Student Services Specialist*
Please choose the corresponding Student Services Specialist for your club

Additional Information

Does your event require any financial expenditures or collection of revenue?*

Club Finances

It is highly recommended to connect with the Student Development Office regarding any club expenditures or revenue. Official student clubs have club accounts through El Camino College and are expected to utilize their student club account to process any financial transactions for the club. All student club and organization financial procedures can be found in the Student Organization Handbook.

Student Development Office Contact Information

Jaime Ulloa, Administrative Assistant,

Debbie Allison, Student Services Specialist (Clubs A-L),

Chris Dela Cruz, Student Services Specialist (Clubs M-Z),

Inter-Club Council Budget Request

Student clubs are able to request funding for the events through the Inter-Club Council (ICC). ICC Budget Request Forms can be found here.

For any questions regarding ICC Budget Requests, please contact ICC Director of Finance, Dehao Lin ( 

Will you be utilizing food delivery services for your event?*

Food Delivery Services

Purchasing and Risk Management currently allow for student clubs and organizations to utilize food delivery services to feed students in a virtual setting. It is recommended that social distancing options be followed when using these services. In addition, it is recommended to dispose of the original wrapping and bag right away and thoroughly wash your hands before consuming any food.

I have read and understand the recommendation for using food delivery services for my event.*
Will there be guest speakers/performers?*
Will the guest speaker/performer be paid?*

ASO Contract Required

An ASO Contract is required for all guest speaker or performers who perform services for El Camino College student clubs and organizations. Please click here to obtain a virtual copy of the ASO Contract. An ASO Contract must have the signatures of the following individuals below in order to be considered for approval by the Student Development Office:

  • Club President
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Guest Speaker or Performer
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Guest or Performer Name*
Date/Time of Engagement or Performance*
Will literature be displayed or distributed?*
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Student Services Specialist Approval

Event Approval*
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SDO Director Approval

Event Approval*
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